Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 7.31.2021

1. General Provision

Student Support Club ("SSC") Daily Crypto Scholarship service is provided "as it is". This service may be terminated by the following but not limited to funding, FaucetPay.io service termination, and server downtime. SSC has the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time. 

2. Legal Disclaimer

2.1: This service is only for users with an active FaucetPay.io account in order to accept faucet claims. Users are not required to have an active SSC account to claim.

2.1a: Users must create an account at FaucetPay.io and accept their terms and conditions to use this service. SSC cannot be held accountable for any service terminations or their server downtime.

2.2: Any Cryptocurrency "Scholarship" claims should be treated as income and subject to federal or state taxes at your residency. SSC's Daily Crypto Scholarships are not a "quick money" service or a job replacement. We thrive to educate and provide cryptocurrency in an equitable and open manner to the world.