Community Update 2: July 2021

Hi, Change Makers!

Welcome to our second community update! We are looking forward in providing more content for this month to the best of our ability. We have establish a brand new membership to help our readers around the world stay updated which we will explain in more detail. We hope you enjoy these updates to keep you informed on what Student Support Club has in store for you!

Site Updates:

Email Club Membership: Student and Educator readers all around the world can now become Email Club members for FREE! Subscribing allows you to be emailed when community updates are posted as soon as we publish them. Occasionally, we will send bi-weekly emails about new content published (expect between 1 - 3 emails a month).

We are proud to announce that we got started on our "Do 1 Thing Every Day To Change The World" series and promote inclusive content for our LGBTQ+ students. Expect more content from both categories (even if it is not pride month, we will research resources and promote them all year round).

Planned Updates:

New Blog Series: College Cooking: Save Your Buck! We want to start this series in the spirit of this month being BBQ and cooking season. College is expensive and we want to provide cooking recipes and research affordable ingredients so you do not have to. Save the research for your classes! Our goal is to make sure you can cook a meal under at least $10. However, the cheaper the better is our main goal to save your dollar! We do not have a set schedule, but this will be an all-year series and have no plan of ending anytime soon.

We planned to post at least 6 more posts for "Do 1 Thing Every Day To Change The World" series, 3 posts for "College Cooking: Save Your Buck!" series, and hopefully 2 - 3 posts of resources. Our goal this month is to achieve about 12 new blog posts! We will try our best to accomplish this if life allows us! Please stay safe and feel free to contact us with any ideas you may have!

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