The Trevor Project: Ultimate Resource for LGBTQ+ Students and Educators

Hello, Change Makers!

We want to make sure all LGBTQ+ students are aware of a resource available to support them with any circumstance impacting them. For all our educators around the world, I hope you can share resources for students in your school's Gay-Straight Alliance or LGBTQ+ club. Please feel free to express and share some other amazing LGBTQ+ resources so we can do our best to review and write about them for students and educators to be aware those resources exist.

Below is just a quick overview of possible resources in different areas. These resources are excellent for educators to bring back to your campus, students to know resources to help them whether you are part of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally, and how to get involved with the project to help others in your community.

Resources for LGBTQ+/AlliesGetting InvolvedResources for Educators

Resources for LGBTQ+/Allies

The Trevor Project provides a full page of diverse resources for every person in the LGBTQ+ community from their amazing support center and preventing suicide. The following are just a quick overview of different resources. If you feel you or someone you love would benefit, click on the "view resources" button to check it out.

  • Well-being on the Instagram guide: Learn how to set up your account if you worry about being out or protecting yourself online.
  • Coming Out Handbook: Read the complete handbook to learn to come out or be supportive and understanding the process.
  • Diversity Mental Health Support: Check out different mental health resources whether you are transgender, a person of color, non-binary, and so on.
  • So much more!

Getting Involved

The Trevor Project allows everyone to get involved with the project by staying up to date and volunteering. You can become a crisis counselor (excellent for students to build work experience). If you love serving the community and helping people who are having a rough day or want to be there for someone click the "Get Involved" button.

Resources for Educators

We truly are grateful the Trevor Projects a handful of excellent ways for Educators to bring difference resources back into their classrooms and campuses to better support students to make the environment more inclusive for LGBTQ+ individuals. We highly encourage all educators to take advantage of these resources to do your part for the community.

  • Free Online Workshops
  • Training for Youth-Serving Professionals
  • Model School Policy

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