Day 1: Change Begins With You

Day 1 Quote

You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

- Jane Goodall


The book, Do One Thing Every Day To Change The World has a quote for each day with the focus on the goal to make a positive change in the world. You may ask yourself many questions like what does the quote mean exactly? What do you mean change begins with me? Each day I will help guide you on better understanding the quote from one perspective, but I want to encourage you to understand what you personally think it means. We have different perspectives and I am not here to teach you only one way of learning or understanding something. I want to make that clear before we start on this blog series.

Quote Analysis: Each day of our lives has an opportunity to take action to make society a better place for everyone around us. The consequences of our actions cannot avoid an impact whether we do not want to do anything. The actions we decide to do whether big or small have an impact on the people around us. You have the full power to decide if the action will be positive or negative in society. You can decide to take a walk to your local market and say "hello" to someone walking by. Your statement "hello" could mean their whole day or the nicest comment they heard all week! What if you decide to drive instead and have no social interaction? This is not to stress anyone out, but to bring self-awareness about our daily actions going forward to make the world a better place.

Discussion: What do you think the quote means? Have you done something positive before? What do you think might happen if you never done that positive impact?

When you see the green "Discussion" like above, these are questions or discussion topics you can comment on the blog article after reading. We want to hear your perspectives and thoughts! Feel free to bring up questions or talk about what you feel. Do not feel obligated to answer all questions or only the questions. Our discussions are open and never limited.

In respect of the book being a "journal", I want to give you time to get a fresh notebook or a Google Doc/Word Document on your computer and title it "My Change The World Journal" (Feel free to name it to what you desire). You will write your answer when I note a blue "Journal Entry #" on your paper or online journal. You are free to share your journal responses in the comments, but you do not have to. These are meant for your own reflections. The goal today is to understand and empower yourself that you have the power to change the community than you originally thought. If you are reading this post early, you should journal later in the evening because we will be reflecting on what good we have done today and rate it.

Journal Time!

Journal Entry #1: Rate the difference you make for good in the world today (from 1 to 10, with 10 being the greatest). What was the good thing you did today?

Personal Example: The good thing I did today was going to have lunch with my aunt for father's day because both of our fathers have passed away. I had the choice to not going and would have had both of us having a sad day. She got really upset with some family members and glad I contributed to a good time and a good memory. I rate my action today as a 7 because I feel I could do more but I did not.

I am looking forward to reading everyone's comments and respond to each one! Please have this post empower you to make change because it does start with you! Have a lovely night everyone!

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