Community Update 1: June 2021

Hi, Change Makers!

I want to provide our very first community update to inform all readers and club members around the world on what to expect from our community for this month and possibly the upcoming month as well. The goal with these community updates is to summarize potential content that may be posted on the blog page or what is going on in our community. You may see in future updates about user contributions in our community, updates on upcoming site maintenance, site updates, and so on that do not relate to blogging content. We cannot promise to fulfill all potential content goals, but we will be thriving to accomplish them as time and life allow. I hope these updates bring excitement, awareness, and eagerness to visit and see awesome resources and stories! We have established all blog post content will be published at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Planned Updates:

Pride Month Content

In respect of pride month, we will provide some resources and content to celebrate the month for all our LGBTQ+ students and educators around the world. We want all readers and future club members to be aware this community is a safe place that embraces the diversity of all humans no matter who they are and who they love. Hatred is weak and we are stronger together! If this content does not relate to your sexual identity, you know and love others who are LGBTQ+ and we ask you to share if they need these resources and opportunities. They will truly respect it and it can impact their life for the better! Sharing is caring and always empowers opportunities and information to others.

Do 1 Thing Every Day to Change The World Blog Series

I have purchased an incredible journal that encourages people to do something each day to change the world for the better. What better way to use a resource and have open discussions and share what everyone did or learn from each other? The goal is to have these blog posts done every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (365 posts). The focus is to make it possible that high school students can do something to change or have a positive impact on their own community. I cannot wait to read comments on what everyone from different parts of the world done and the different perspectives we can all learn from. A great educator is not an expert on everything, but the learner from their own students.

Club Membership and Future Services

Currently, club membership is not available and no estimated time period has been established yet. We will keep all our readers informed when this will be possible. Club membership is required for future services. Club membership is basically readers with an active account to access our future forum and free courses. Membership will be free for all readers 13 years old and older. We will never charge or have different membership plans. Our mission statement is to promote accessibility and affordability. Resources we provide (blog content, tutoring, and courses) will be completely free at no cost to anyone with internet access.


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