The Best Education Support Worldwide
Social Justice and Equity Focus.

In most cases, resources are unaffordable to the people who need them most. Student Support Club offers resources at no cost to anyone who has internet access. When resources are FREE and ACCESSIBLE, this breaks the systematic barriers and encourages opportunities for growth and community empowerment. 

Blog Resource

Free and worldwide access to blog articles is our first step to provide support to every student around the world.

Community Engagement

Connecting the world to one community to make lending a helping hand accessible. [Coming Soon]

Free Tutoring Services

Offering academic support that is community-driven to help students with difficult assignment questions when other resources are unaffordable. [Coming Soon]

Free Online Courses

Providing free courses from important life skills to college preparation at no cost to club members. [Coming Soon]

Our Mission in Education is to provide:
EQUITY with knowledge.
Knowledge is power!

Student Support Club thrives to become the best academic resource for all students all over the world with social justice and equity being our main focus. We will provide resources for all educators to better support their students.